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I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.

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Can we talk about this scene please… That Regina is telling Emma to step up to the plate, but that at the same time she is also backing her. This is a former evil queen who ruled a whole kingdom and who tried to kill hated Emma just a few months ago is now supporting her as a leader, more so than her parents are.

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Wanna know one of the reasons I ship Swan Queen so much?
Cause if Emma was an Emmet they’d be the top ship on the whole show(hell they pretty much are anyways). They share a child, they literally create powerful magic together, not to mention the whole Evil Queen/White Knight opposites attract dynamic. It just feels so fucking obvious, especially in season 1, that these two characters, along with Henry, should be each other’s “happy endings”.
I know for a fact if one of these characters were a man they’d be endgame, and that is why I ship this so hard. I know I’m being queer baited, yet again, but I was around during the Xena/Gabrielle days, so as sad as it is to say it, I’m kinda used to this level of “its never gonna happen but here are a few nuggets to keep you watching”. Good thing there’s fan fiction or I’d probably stop watching TV all together.
Also Regina Mills is sassy, sexy, and fucking tragically perfect. She deserves a chance to love again, and for me the only person strong enough to deal with all that comes with loving the Evil Queen, is the product of true love herself. The purest heart to balance the darkest. Seriously this shit writes itself.
(Dude I only joined this fandom a month ago and it’s given me all these feels. Damn you Lana Parrilla for being so amazing and making me love your face)

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Faith Lehane + Her redemption arc - For Miggy

(Part 1)

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